Unwind & Destress With Bath Bombs

The ritual of taking a long, hot bath has been practiced for centuries. By submerging ourselves in a body of water rich in hemp, we’re able to improve health and ensure a balanced mind and body. 


How to use Hemp bath bombs

Use GRN’s bath bombs just like regular bath bombs. Simply fill your bath hot water, drop in the bomb, and watch it fizz. 

GRN’s bath bombs are also infused with essential oils that have added therapeutic benefits. Before you even step into the bath, you will notice the rich aromas from the essential oils and terpenes. Taking a few slow, deep breaths can calm your nervous system. 

As you immerse yourself in the water, the hemp will soak into your skin and reach your endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system is a complex web of cell receptors and neurotransmitters that maintain a balance throughout our body. Your body naturally releases cannabinoids to regulate sleep, memory, mood, and pain responses, just to name a few.  

CBD bath bombs

Small things to enhance your bathing experience

You don’t have to do much to enjoy the benefits of hemp-infused bath bombs. Simply sitting there and letting the hemp and essential oils do their work, you’re able to balance your hormones, improve muscles and joint mobility, and replenish your skin. 

However, if you do wish to enhance your self-care ritual, we’ve asked our customers who have tried out bath bombs to share their tips and tricks. 

“I read to keep your bath time to under 30 minutes. Rather than having to check my watch all the time, I create a music playlist that’s around 20 minutes long. That way when the music ends, I know that it’s time to wrap it up. Also, music is a great way to get me in a relaxed mood!” - Sarah, 32 

“I match the room diffuser to the scent of the bath bomb so when I step out of the bath, it feels like a continuous experience! For example, I love the Grapefruit and Lavender bath bomb so as I’m running the bath, I would also add a few drops of lavender and grapefruit essential oils into the room diffuser.” - Eva, 45 

“I suffer from allergies and can’t live without the Eucalyptus and Lemongrass bath bomb. On bad days, I would put a wet towel over my head and really inhale the steam. It helps to open up the sinuses and I really like the scent.” - Adam, 38

Try out GRN’s broad spectrum bath bombs

Ready to try out hemp bath bombs? We have a range of CBD bath bombs that will help wash away your stress, aches, and worries. Each bath bomb contains 35mg of quality hemp where the hemp is specially grown for its hemp and terpene properties. These broad spectrum bath bombs contain 0% THC and are the perfect to take your bathing ritual to the next level! 

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